Monday, August 4, 2014

Fruit, Not an Evening Snack

Many of us, trying to be good while still giving into our sweet tooth, eat fruit at night. Come to find out, according to Ayurveda, fruit should NOT be consumed at night because of the fermentation qualities. Since you are going to bed soon, the fruit is slow to digest and ferments in the belly and intestines, creating bloating, gas, indigestion  and/or upset stomach. Cure: eat your fruit in the morning or as an afternoon snack and don't eat fruit past 4pm. If you like juice, fresh (nothing in a pre-packaged bottle) fruit juice is the best with breakfast, as long as you don't combine it with dairy. If you live or work in the Indianapolis area, an awesome fresh juice place to visit is:, or juice at home.

To sum it up:  Eat fruit in the first half of the day and leave it alone for the second half of the day for one month to notice a difference in your digestion. Your mornings will be brighter!

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