Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Allergy Season Enjoyable

Many people love the fact that the weather is turning the corner and spring is in the air! Many people also experience allergies this time of year that can leave them feeling drowsy, stuffy, itchy, congested and irritated. A suggestion to help keep your nasal passage way clean and clear is neti pot irrigation. This is a simple and quick self care regimen that you can incorporate into your morning and/or evening routine that can help manage the severity of the symptoms that you may normally experience. If you have asthma or severe allergies, please talk with your doctor first about adding this to your routine.

You can purchase a neti pot at most local convenience or drug stores or online at places like Banyan Botanicals. When you use the neti pot make sure you use filtered, sterile water that is room temp or slightly warm to touch. Fill the neti pot about 3/4 full of water then mix 1/4 teaspoon non- iodized salt into the water in order to make your saline solution. Follow directions on your neti pot box or check out this link here for more instruction:

After your neti pot experience make sure to use some nasaya oil. Or plain, organic sesame seed oil in your nose. This oil will prevent your nostrils from drying out, which makes you more susceptible to allergens and infections. Just place a few drops on your pinky or ring finger and gently wipe the inside of the nostril with a thin layer of oil. Dab the tip of your nose with a napkin to wipe up any excess oil from the face. To learn more about this technique and to take it a step further visit Banyan Botanicals for a video and product information.

Enjoy easier breathing this season and take time to actually stop and smell the fresh rain, flowers and spring air. 

Breathe easy!