Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cooling Tips for Summer's Heat

Some of us love the heat and can bask in the sunshine for hours (Vata people in Ayurveda terms). Some of us get cranky and irritated by the heat and duck into shade whenever possible (pitta people in Ayurveda terms). If you identify with the latter here are a few tips to stay cool and collected this summer.

  • Take cool showers
  • Mid day, dunk your feet into cool water or splash cold water on the face and in the eyes
  • mist your face and your eyeballs with organic rose water, especially if you sit in front of a computer screen all day
  • Drink lime, mint, peppermint or cucumber water (just soak your desired flavor in a canister of water overnight to infuse the flavor) or coconut water from the store is also a great option
  • Rub coconut oil on the skin, coconut is cooling so it will help cool the body
  • Eat things like cucumber, avocado, coconut, fennel, fresh basil, dill, mint, cardamon, coriander/cilantro, cumin, saffron, lime, leafy greens and fresh fruit
  • If you are going to treat yourself to ice cream, enjoy it in the afternoon
  • Eat lighter meals 
  • Do not put ice in your drinks. Room temperature drinks actually help your body to cool off quicker
  • If you drink alcohol remember this, beer is cooling and wine is warming. Red wine is more warming than white so in the summer, maybe switch to white wine if you don't drink beer. However, all alcohol turns warming to the body once your body starts to digest it so watch out in the hot sun.
  • Keep hydrated with mostly water 
  • Enjoy the lakes, rivers, ocean and pools whenever possible and get in some relaxing time :)
Have a wonderful, refreshing, summer!


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  2. Thank you Peter, I hope that the tips help keep your summer cool and enjoyable. Keep following for more ideas and recipes!

  3. You just gotta love those amazing tips! I already know some of those from reading, but most are very new to me, like eating ice cream in the afternoon. Have you got any tips for staying indoors with the AC on most of the time? Anyway, those are so helpful and thank you for sharing them! Cheers!

    Peter Wilson @ Rumpca Services