Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Headache Relief

In Ayurveda we work with things called marma points, which are pressure points that are similar to accupuncture points, but instead of a needle, pressure is applied by touch.  If marma interests you click here for some more information. Otherwise, all you need to know is we have points on our bodies, that when sore or tender, can mean that there is an imbalance. By pressing on these points, which are correlated with certain organs or places on our bodies, we can help clear or alleviate any stagnation or discomfort. One thing that I struggle with is headaches. And I know from other people, headaches are a major inconvenience and quite frankly, suck!

Another thing you can do in conjunction with pressing on these recommended points is using a few drops of jasmine or peppermint essential oils when massaging these points. Just remember to wash your hands after so that you don't get any in your eyes.

The points to focus on are the brow points, outlined in red box below, and the pads of your thumbs (Right and left hand). Feel around for any tenderness and then once you find it, push on that point for a few seconds at a time. Notice if that helps to relive the pain in the head. better yet, find someone to massage these areas for you and try to relax into it as much as you can.

Other things to look at:
  • Do you work at a computer all day? Headaches hit mid afternoon or evening? Try take consistent breaks from your computer. Stand up every hour or two and stretch, take a quick walk or a trip to the office kitchen for some hot water. 
  • Also, look at your computer set up. Is your laptop or computer forcing you to look down when you type? If so you are straining your neck muscles by making them hold your head (which weighs on average, 10lbs) out from your shoulders. This tension causes tension headaches. Make sure you can look at your screen at eye level. If you cant, make it happen by elevating it with a shelf, books, bricks etc. (get creative). 
  • Have you gotten any fresh air in the past 3-4 hours. If your answer is no, take 5-10 minute break and go outside.
  • Have you exersiced in the past couple days, if the answer is no, make a point to go for a walk, take a yoga class or go to the gym after work for atleaste 30 minutes. 
  • Have you been drinking enough water? Make sure you are staying hydrated. No iced drinks. try sipping warm - hot water through out the day. This will also help with your immunity so it is a very important step into getting rid of headaches, while also keeping you healthy in other ways. 
  • Headaches can also be lack of nutrition. So make sure you are not skipping meals. 3 rounded meals a day is very important. if it seems like you are still missing something talk to a doctor, as it could be a lack of something in your diet. 

I hope this will help you find some relief. 
Be Well!


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