Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post Holiday Revival

We hear about cleanses all the time but we rarely seek out if it is right for us or not. We are a nation who constantly wants to scrape, clean, cleanse and diet.....but we are also a nation that is worn out, depleted and running on reserves. If we keep scraping and don't do anything to build, we will dip into our reserves (ojas in ayurveda terms) and will slowly deplete our life force energy. So, I offer you a nourishing cleanse after the holiday in order to recover from the larger quantities of food eaten and the extra cocktail that was too yummy to pass up. Don't feel guilty of what happened this holiday, hold fond memories of the wonderful gathering of friends, family and food and then get back on your horse and slowly detox and come back to your healthy eating patterns.

7 Tips For a 7 Day Gentle Cleanse

1) Wake up and drink a glass of hot water with lemon, then drink another glass of warm water on its own. Stay standing until the urge to go to the bathroom is strong so that you know the intestines are working to let go of the waste accumulated over night. If this does not work right away, keep at it for a few days, this will help you get on a healthy elimination schedule.
2) Breakfast: if you are not hungry just have a bowl of fresh fruit and/or some herbal tea. If you are hungry have a small bowl of oatmeal (no sugar) or a bowl of steamed veggies and quinoa. Add ghee!
3) Stick with three meals per day. Try not to snack. Eat Kitchari for at least 2 of your meals. Fresh fruit or light soup can make up the third meal. Click here for kitchari recipe. If you don't have the desire or time to make Kitchari (which takes no more than 20 minutes in your kitchen) then just have steamed veggies and quinoa or white rice on hand to warm up whenever you are ready for your meal. White rice is easier to digest then brown rice so it is better for this type of cleanse. I use quinoa for protein, but if you need, add an egg to your lunch for extra protein.
4) Don't eat past 7pm.
5) Eliminate all sugar, animal protein and deep fried foods from diet.
6) Allow yourself to rest and get a full nights sleep. Rest is very important in order to help the body detox and rejuvenate. To help with sleep rub organic, pure sesame oil or almond oil on your temples and feet before bed. A hot bath in the evening can also help yourself wined down. No TV or computer at least 2 hours before bed, allows your mind to start to calm down from the day.
7) Make sure to move just enough, but not too much. We don't want to deplete the body, but we want to keep the blood pumping and our heart active. Opt for 30 minutes of walking, yoga, outdoor bike ride or skiing. Get outside for fresh air!

Follow these simple 7 steps for just 7 days and I am sure you will feel great starting off 2014! 

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