Monday, October 28, 2013

Make it a Great Day

"Have a great day"...... we hear and say this phrase a lot. Sometimes it has become an automatic greeting or a place holder to an awkward silence. However, my dear friend sent me a message the other day, correcting herself in this common phrase. She wrote, "actually, I meant to say, make it a great day. That way no one else or something else can dictate your day. It is all up to you."
 I sat with this for a few minutes and let this message reach down into my core. She was so right. There are so many times when I allow others to affect the way my day progresses and the way I feel. I get caught up in other peoples emotions, or get upset if something may not go the way I had wanted it to. And then I let other things go by me without much notice. Missing many valuable, happy, profound, subtle, lessons I am sure. Only because I am so caught up with what someone did or did not do or how something did or did not play out.
I want to offer you the idea of making your day the way you want it to and not to let yourself get distracted by others. Sure, be gentle, be kind and be supportive, honor what others may be feeling or projecting. But don't let it alter your mood. Don't let it alter the way you envisioned your day. Hold space and then move forward, reminding yourself that other peoples emotions have nothing to do with you and that what you continue to give out into this world, will keep coming full circle (karma). Meaning, the more positive, happy, joyful feelings you put forward, the more great things and people will keep being placed in your life.
So go on, move forward, make it GREAT!

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