Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Food Combining - what works and what may leave you toxic

Food combining adds a whole other layer on how to eat healthy. And I know we all have enough to think about in a day, but this can be really important when looking at cleaning out or creating toxin in the body.
The other day I made an apple crisp and a strawberry mint crisp. I have to say, they were both delicious. And my favorite dessert of all time is whipping cream. Real, organic, fresh/raw (when possible), whipping cream. And I love the combination of crisp and whipping cream. More please!
But I notice that after each night of eating this combination, I had really bad bloating and my stomach was off the next day. I was in denial that it could have been the combination of foods I ate because I didn't want to give it up......but in Ayurveda dairy and fruit is a toxic combination that can lead to fermentation in the stomach. Yep, I will confirm it. I ate the crisp, for a third day, by itself and had no problems. Looking back this combination had always upset my stomach, but I loved the flavors so much I never thought of it being something that was not working for me.

When looking at food combining, here are a few more to be aware of:

  • Eggs and Dairy
  • Seafood and dairy
  • Nuts/seeds and vegetables
  • Honey and boiling water
  • Equal parts of honey and ghee
  • Citrus and dairy
  • Fruit and dairy
  • Fruit with any other foods
The combinations of these foods will leave toxins in the body, creating sluggishness, and digestive issues. Some happen because the foods digest at different rates, creating sludge because the body can't move everything along at the same time. Meaning some food sits and ferments, waiting for the other food to finish digesting. Honey, for example, just becomes a toxin when it is boiled so make sure the water is warm/hot but not boiling, when mixing. Hint: if you have to add nuts or seeds to a vegetable dish, make sure you soak the nuts over night first, this will make them easier to digest.  

Some of these may be a disappointment to you. (I am a sucker for a cheesy omelet) But just be aware. Notice if you combine these foods, how you feel. If you do ok then allow yourself the pleasure every once in awhile. Good digestion or not, if you do combine some of these foods, just try to make sure the rest of the food you eat for the following meal is light and easily digestible so that you allow your body to clean the toxins out so that they do not accumulate. 

Rememeber: Ayurveda says "80% & 20%" meaning 80% of the time try to eat clean, healthy, with good spices and good combinations of flavors and types of food. The other 20%, enjoy without any guilt and many thanks. And after you enjoy, eat light and clean and reset. 


  1. Love this Staraya! Sad to hear about nuts in my salads :( I'll try soaking them overnight! :) Great tips!

  2. Love the information! But also sad to hear that my sunflower seeds don't belong in my salads!